Monday, May 8, 2017

Driving traffic to distribute my game link

Working hard to promote 8 or Bust,  Fun Game of Mathematics
8 Or Bust

After the successful launch of my game 8 or bust on Play Store. Next target is to drive the traffic to get the game downloaded.
Things I have tried ---
Later I will be updating the actual traffic resulting from these efforts.

1) Running a contest on the Facebook page to download and play my game, catch 15 animals and win a book written by my friend " Shiv Prasad Koirala" very popular author of Technical Programming Books.
 .NET: Interview Questions  

2) Running a contest on Facebook groups to offer free Workshop for kids who can catch 18 animals by a specific time.
3) Tempted to use link submitted FFA sites. But after going through several links decided against it. More than the traffic you get marketing emails on your published emails for a month.

4) Trying which says can get me 10,000 visitors to my site over 30 days. Will be monitoring the views on this blog. How many actual downloads using this links... If my game downloads increase (can be monitored in Localytics)  

5) Also reading through their article of how to promote your link. Found some useful tips.

Will keep updating things I tried over next few weeks and also the result.

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