Friday, May 5, 2017

8 or Bust - Gamification of Learning

8 Or Bust

Gamification of Learning is a new approach towards making learning fun. 

Mobile games have advantages:
  1) Easily accessible as everyone has a smartphone of their own.
  2) Even parents and grandparents who were never into playing are finding it as a good source of passing time with challenges.
  3) We have so many options to download from Play Store.
  4) Play it at your leisure, while waiting for the bus, in the metro, waiting for the doctor, in long journeys.
Games are fun, lovable and addicting. So if games are so much fun, why do we not use gaming at our advantage of introducing learning into it. And Mobile games are here to stay for good or bad ...

Humans think they know the best way to learning but little they know of how the brain functions.When we are kids we play games and learn the most till we go to school, stop gaming and start the formal education.

Research are now recognizing this and advocating to introduce the concept of fun, games in learning.


In Siddbetter,  we do not make games with motive of teaching something. Instead we make games which takes some basic fundamental concepts of learning and allows you to play and have fun with intuitive learning. Just like chess, which does not teach you anything but makes you think about your steps ahead, build concentration, make strategies to overcome your opponent.

Siddbetter's "8 or Bust" teaches you -

  • Simple rules of using adding/subtracting numbers to reach numbers in line. 
  • Pattern recognition of match-3 with same numbers/color. 
  • It teaches you concept of even/odd numbers because when the odd number starts appearing the game gets more challenging.  
  • It makes the player think of complements of number to identify quickly the add/subtract compatible numbers.
  • The patterns can be horizontal/vertical.
  • It makes you think ahead of your steps so that you can achieve the better pattern. 
  • It requires concentration to be able to find patterns.
  • Foremost, it provides you a goal of catching as many cute animals like cats, dogs, butterflies...
  • You compete with your friends for a spot in Leaderboard. 

This does not mean, everyone who plays will become the master of multiple skills but the game offers a puzzle and challenge which aids in learning.

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